Goat Cheese Souffles

Did someone say Goat Cheese? Oh, my! You must try these. I'm not much of a cook, Buck can attest to that, and I've never made souffles, but as part of my list of things to do and learn this year, trying to cook simple new dishes is one of them.

My brother in-law first introduced me to goat cheese when he slathered it on a piece of rib eye steak. I was hooked and anytime I saw goat cheese on a menu, no matter what the dish was, I ordered it. I think I'm in love with goat cheese. Seriously.....in a deep love. Now, whenever I'm at a store, I linger in the imported cheese section, just to peruse the goat cheese varieties.

This is Martha's recipe and you can find it also on her website here. It took just under the amount of time she recommends it takes to prepare and cook. It's pretty rich tasting, so serve it with something other than the Cream of Broccoli soup I served it with. Talk about overloading the palate! A simple salad would be perfect.

Yummy! C'mon go try it. You'll be happy you did!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I have never eatten goat cheese or made a souffle. Your pic makes me want to do both!

Anonymous said...

I love goat cheese. Perhaps this recipe will inspire me to try making souffles for the first time! Sounds yummy for sure.

Esther Sunday said...

Sorry, Hon... I don't do goat cheese - but the souffle part looks great! Love ya,

Working Girl Two said...

i am also obsessed with goat cheese. i make my own goat cheese pizzas a lot at home, but maybe i should branch out with these delicous looking souffles (i am salivating as i write).