More no knot...

I'm thinking of framing all of these little stitched works of art. For some reason, stitching gives me peace of mind and I take comfort in it.

Buck and I are heading out of here on a road trip to Montana for a few days. We've picked out some properties to look at and are hoping to get a better idea of where we'll be living. I think we've narrowed it down quite a bit.

I've spent the last few days saying goodbye to our home and our beautiful piece of property. It's heart wrenching but I understand that I have a new purpose in my life. The older you get, the harder it is to commit to change. I can empathize with the victims of Hurricane Katrina and how they felt when they returned home and found nothing left. That's how I've started to think of it. It's like the hurricane next door destroyed everything we wanted for ourselves here. It's a very empty feeling.

Since I'm sliding into fifty I need to shake things up a bit. We won't have any kids at home in a few more weeks and things will be pretty quiet around here. We're moving into a new phase in our lives and are trying to look at this as an adventure. It's actually exciting!

Can't y'all see Maize in Montana? I'll be in my cowboy boots and straw hat, planting flowers in my garden at my mountain retreat. My blog will probably change and morph into a diary about changing your life and moving to a small town in Montana.

How 'bout that? Maybe some of you will come and visit me there?!


LJ said...

I'm so sorry Maize. I hope one of the places you check out in Montana feels like it could be a good fit!

Esther Sunday said...

Count me in....!!!! Love, Esther

Junie Moon said...

I love your embroidery projects and agree there is something so very satisfying about stitching with our very own hands. I think they'd be adorable framed.

It is hard to say goodbye to a place you love but you do have many wonderful new adventures ahead of you. I look forward to hearing about your Montana adventures.