My New Studio Sign

I thought I'd share something really cool with you. This is the new sign on the side of my studio. The wood behind it will be painted and we'll probably add some sort of frame around it, but is this the coolest sign eveh? It's made out of aluminum. The letters are cut out and behind the lettering is crinkled up copper.

This kinda gives you an idea of where it currently resides on the building. There will be another identical sign which is a bit smaller but will hang over the doorway there. The taupe paint will be painted also and the window casings will be polished which will reveal the copper underneath. Above the window will be large copper numbers.

I'm going to be gone for a few weeks so I can say goodbye to my son before he deploys to Afghanistan. It's a sad time. I'll be back to share what the inside of my new studio looks like.




Stacy said...

love the sign! It's a work of art.
Best wishes to you and your son during this hard, hard sad time. Give him my thanks - for doing such a hard job. His safety will be on my mind...

Esther Sunday said...

LOVE the sign! Please hug Levi for Artie & I! Love, Esther