Give a little....

As most of you know, my 19 year old son is stationed in Afghanistan with the Marines for the next year building two new bases there. Currently, they don't have a store where they can purchase toiletries and basic necessities. As a Marine Parent, providing our sons with the basic items they need is extremely important to me. If you can just send a $1 it would be appreciated! THANKS FOR YOUR KINDNESS!

This is from the Marine Parents website:

Help Send Care Packages Overseas!

We have 2,000 care packages to send overseas this summer and we need your help!

Each package will cost $10.35 to ship making our fund raising goal for 2,000 packages $20,000.

We're asking each of you to put a one dollar bill, or a five or ten dollar bill if you can spare it, in an envelope and mail it to:, Inc.
Attn: Care Package Campaign
P O Box 1115
Columbia, MO 65205-1115

Ask your friends and family to send a dollar too! Forward this information to your email lists and spread the word. When many people work together and we each give a little, we can make a big difference in the lives of our Marines in combat zones.


Esther Sunday said...

Yes! So Important!

lynda said...

I am a Marine Mom too. Mine may go to Afhganstan in Nov. He is in Japan now.