The Magnificent Mother Love

In July of 2002, I was suffering from an extreme case of Bells Palsy which paralyzed the left side of my face for 6 months. At one point during that time, I was physically exhausted and extremely ill. I remember laying down one night and praying to be healed. What happened next is what most people call a "vision" or a "near death experience."

I was visited by two angels who told me I would indeed be healed. Then this beautiful woman appeared, embraced me, cradled me in her arms and whispered that I must have patience and all good things would come my way in time. She called herself Mother Love.

When I started Mommy Tags, I needed to name my corporation. I found it fitting that I named it after the woman who healed me. Mother Love Inc. was born.

That was five years ago, and now I find myself living below Mother Love and see her every morning and gaze upon her every evening as she glows overlooking the polka dot lit valley beneath her. She is majestic. If you ever get a chance to visit Lady of the Rockies, I promise it's worth the trip. You can go inside and leave a prayer or a rosary. I left one for Levi's safe return.

Please read about how she was built completely by volunteers and the vision one man had to complete the project. It's quite a moving and incredible story!

I am truly blessed to have this daily reminder of how far I've come.

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Super cool, Maize! XX