Floor Art

I had a bunch of leftover t-shirt scraps from making scarves and decided to knit up this rug. I needed one for my kitchen. It's thick and provides a nice cushion while standing in front of the sink. Best of all, I can throw it in the wash and not worry it will be ruined.

I simply cut up t-shirts and tied them together and made balls of each color. I wanted it to be a portable project and designed it so I could knit each square as I desired. You could also knit it up all in one piece and connect all the strips together for one big ball of t-shirt yarn.

Cast on the desired width you'd like then just knit each stitch. Bind off. After I cut all the long tails off, I knotted them together and knitted a potholder. What a perfect match!

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Esther Sunday said...

Cute! Great idea!