Greencraft Magazine

Last year, I was asked to write an article for GreenCraft Magazine. They were interested in my Frayed Flower tutorial. The magazine just hit the stands this week and I'm beyond thrilled to be included!

The pictures are beautiful and the entire magazine is printed on recycled paper (of course) yet it's thick and sturdy. It's not one of those types of magazines you'd throw away. This is more like a book!

It's chock full of inspiration for those of you who love to recycle and reuse items you have around the house or purchase at the thrift store. The leather jewelry really got my creative juices flowing. I'm planning on adding some leather to my silver creations!

If you're interested in my tutorial, you can find it in my archives on the left side of my blog or this blog entry that I wrote in 2007.



andrea creates said...

Hi-I'm currently going through that very magazine-I love the Somerset studios' publications...and frayed flowers :)

Anonymous said...

wow!!! congratulations!! I saw your tutorial and tried it out too! love it!
your flowers inspired me to make some of my owN!

mayaluna said...

Hi Maize! Your frayed flowers were beautiful and one of my favorite contributions to this issue. xo

amanda said...

Your pieces are beautiful Maize! We were so excited to feature them.

Amanda Crabtree
Senior Managing Editor, GreenCraft Magazine
acrabtree [at] stampington [dot] com