JAG....You're IT!

I spent yesterday at the Capitol building...in particular the Rotunda where the Governor was having a reception for us 2009 Ecostar winners. The Capitol underwent a complete restoration back in 1999 at a cost of $28 million. It's incredible.

All of us were sitting right beneath this beautiful dome.

I'd like to present to you the 2009 Montana Ecostar winners!
There were a group of students from my alma mater who started their own green club.
Isn't that awesome?
Where's Waldo?

And, here I am meeting the Governor Jag....he's the furry one next to his owner. HA!
The Governor is a very down to earth man, wears jeans, a bolo tie and his dog goes with him everywhere. Jag received a very special tag that I made for him.

Ummm....gov, you checkin' me out? :P

I guess Jag liked me a bit! sniff...sniff... or maybe it was just my dress.


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This is totally awesome!

I google the gov as soon as I read this! How cool to have your dog with you like that! I love it! He seems really down to earth.