I DID it! A crocheted wedding shawl for Meg

My asst. Meg is getting married next month. Did I tell you I've been ordained to perform the ceremony? ACK! Anyway, I decided to crochet this shawl for her as a bridal shower gift. A little something she can wear on her wedding day!

It took me about two weeks of pulling out my hair before I finally figured out the pattern, but once I did it whipped up in about four hours!

I think it turned out beautiful! It's made by crocheting two types of yarn together. What you can't see is the thin silver yarn. It shimmers in the sun! (pattern source) And, mine looks nothing like the one they show! HA! Guess, I changed it a bit by accident! That's what a beginner crocheter does!


Esther Sunday said...

Wow, pretty dang for a "beginner". Maybe ya need to stop saying beginner!!! She looks beautiful! Congrats, Meg!

Carol said...

You did a great job! She looks fabulous!