My new friend...The Governor of Montana

Look what I received in the mail today! A thank you letter from the Governor. Awww...he's so nice. I like him. He's my new friend.

Sorry I haven't posted the tutorial yet for the hair scrunchies. It's been really nice here and I've been constructing my backyard garden, writing for some other blogs and also coming up with a new project. A $Dollar store cameo redo is coming up next as soon as I get the pics done for the other tutorial I promised! :P

Oh! And the blog is undergoing a complete makeover! You're gonna love it!

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Esther Sunday said...

Yeah, well I was wondering about the scrunchies tut! :) Sounds like fun projects, as usual, that you have going on! I know ya intended to change up the blog, so I am looking forward to seeing the results! Nice letter from the Gov.