The Chad!

I just finished another painting. This one is for Meg's fiance' Chad. He's graduating from engineering school this Saturday and this is his gift from me. Seems I have a particular genre' going on here. I painted this for my brother's Christmas gift.

The winner of the garden book is Alexis. Please email me at maizehutton at gmail dot com with your address!


Esther Sunday said...

It turned out great!!!

Alexis said...

I won!!! I never win anything!!! Awesome! I sent you my address a min ago. I'm sorry it took me so long - I'm TDY right now and don't get to check my favorite blogs as often as I'd like!

Alexis said...

Oh, and I just had to add - we Just moved into a new house on base with a garden bed all ready for me to plant...but I've never had a spot like this before and have no idea what to do with it. So a "garden" book couldn't be more perfect!