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Oh, it's been a busy week 'round here. Got my asst. Meg all married off and then there's a death in my family..... and, I've been sufferin' with a bad case of the shingles! NICE!

I'll be gone for the next day or two, so I'll leave you with a few links to things I think are very cool. I just finished these wood puzzles I found at Michaels. I painted or stamped them first before constructing which adds a bit of mystery to the entire piece I think. The airplane is painted different colors, then I used a doily as a stencil and white paint. LOVE IT! I'd like to have a couple more to hang.

I painted the Eiffel Tower with acrylic then used a doily as a stencil with black paint to get the splattered look. The horse was stamped with various "Paris" stamps and words. I'm thinking these would be great for parties. Especially a wedding. Wouldn't it be fun to buy the puzzles, send one to everyone participating in the wedding and have them paint and build it in their style? When they're done you could use them as centerpieces for the wedding! The puzzles are $1 up to $5 which would make it entirely affordable!

Speaking of doilies....remember the gigantic Doily Rug? Well, I found this free pattern to make a smaller version out of rag or t-shirt yarn! Yeah, I gotta try it!

And this is super cute! Lion Brand has both a free knitting and crochet pattern for it! This certainly will make it feel like 'summer' in my flat!

Oh, and on Saturday, I'm going to do 'Splash the Dress!' You jump into a pool or slide down the water slide in a wedding dress, old prom dress or costume! Doesn't it sound like a lot of fun? For $10 you get a 5x7 of yourself in the water in your dress! And, these photos are unbelievably cool. Photographed by the awesome Lisa Wareham here in Butte!

Okay, I'm off! Road trip, mongolian bbq and a funeral. Fun times! :P

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Esther Sunday said...

You come up with the cutest stuff!!! Wow, busy lady. Unacceptable about the shingles thing, you need to fix that!!! :) Love ya.