The Canning Queen

I've been spending this week canning my bounty. I managed to put up 4 dozen quarts of pickled cukes, carrots, & green beans. These are a dozen pint jars of sweet pickles which are being shipped to North Carolina for my son. He'd live on pickles if he could! My next endeavor is to make some rhubarb jam. The last batch turned out more like sauce but it's yummy!

And, I've been practicing making crocheted rick rack. You can find a tutorial here and here. They're both the same pattern. This is a great way to practice your crocheting skills, especially for beginners like me. I think they'll make cute headbands and of course for embellishing anything!

I'm on a crafting binge! It always happens this time of year. I start planning homemade projects as Christmas gifts. I must have about 6 projects going right now! I think I'm suffering from CADD (Crafty Attention Deficit Disorder)!

And, I'm thrilled beyond belief to receive the rest of the proofs from my photo shoot with Violet. I'll be sharing those next week.

Have a lovely weekend!

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