Poppy Pocket Tutorial

 I harvested some poppies this fall and the little pods made me think of heads with crowns, so I drew little faces on them!

I thought they'd make great stocking stuffers or party favors.  

I call them Poppy Pockets!

 First, you need to dry your poppies upside down with the stems tied together.  
Put an empty bucket or box underneath them to catch the teeny tiny seeds. 

Once the pods are dry, cut them off leaving a little bit of the stem for a neck. 
Draw on a simple face with a fine sharpie pen.  

I folded a piece of kraft paper in half and drew an outline of a dress. 
I used that template to cut another dress for the opposite side.
Glue the edges of the dress together (I use Elmer's Precision Tip Glue Pens-they're great!) making sure there aren't any gaps.  Leave the neck portion open.
  Once the sides are dry,insert your poppy packet and the pod head.  
I then folded over the neck portion and glued it.  
Tie it off with a piece of hemp twine or ribbon. 

I had some old school paper that I used to make the 'poppy pocket' label on the front.  

 My intention was to actually put the poppy seeds in the dress itself, but thought once someone opened it up there'd be poppy seeds everywhere.  I opted instead to make little packets taped shut and stuck inside.  I used a thin Japanese paper envelope (tissue paper will work) and cut it up using the folded edge as the bottom of my seed packet.
I then folded over one side and inserted a small pinch of seeds.  
You don't need a lot as they go a long way.  
Fold over the other side and then fold up from the bottom.  
Use a small amount of tape to close the packet.  

I used some tape from the Japanese Dollar Store (Diaso).  

Here's the Poppy Pocket family.

These would be fun to make as wedding favors decorated as the bride & groom!  They're super easy (kids can help) and people will love receiving flower seeds.  What's great about poppies is that you can grow them indoors too.  And, they multiply like crazy in your garden!  

Have fun!



Esther Sunday said...

Adorable idea!

Anonymous said...

This is so adorable. My kids can definitely make this. What a very nice idea.
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Karisa said...

Thanks so much for participating in the FaveCrafts Blog Hop! We'll see you next month :)