Flowerpot Sweater Jacket

I Love Paperwhites!

Every year, at Thanksgiving, I force a bunch of Paperwhites.  I love that they grow so fast either in soil or water.  I love their smell.  I love that they bring me some 'spring' when it's so dark during the winter.  I love Paperwhites!  I love Paperwhites!

I thought it'd be fun to wrap a flowerpot with a sweater since it's sooo cold outside.  All I did was cut the sleeve of a thrifted sweater long enough to fit on the flowerpot and pulled it over the top.  I glued around the top cuff to secure it.  Then, I cut some circles from a felted sweater, attached a bead and glued that on to the sleeve too. 

I think it looks super cute.  So, rummage around in your closet.  Find an old sweater and cut off the sleeves to give your flowerpot a new jacket this winter! 

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