The Men's Room

I received my copy of Marie Claire Idees the other day and just had to share a few of my faves in the magazine.

For those of you unfamiliar with this magazine, it's a French and incredibly inspiring for us crafty gals.  You don't need to subscribe to the magazine and can find the DIY patterns on their site for a flat $5.00 (I think) for each issue.  And don't worry if you can't read French, you can download the Google Chrome browser which will translate the webpages for you!  

This necktie lampshade is brilliant!  

Covering a chair in tweed patchwork is adorable.

And this quilt made of recycled men's suit jackets?  
Simply lovely.

But it's the moose head that has me swooning!  
My daughter made one of these for her boyfriend a few years ago.  
She found the pattern on the web somewhere.  
Now I have the pattern and I  
can't wait to make one.  
That tie is killin' me!
Esther, you need one in your cabin room!  

Oh, and I've finally set up the email notification box on my blog, on the right sidebar.  You can enter your email address to be updated when I post to my blog.  I don't actually get your email address, so no worries about me emailing you!
  Wow, I'm all techy now huh?  :P

Oh, and there's another CSN store gift certificate giveaway coming soon!


Kris said...

Those are some fantastic ideas! LOVE the moose head! I have a friend who lives near you in Bozeman. Name is Worthington. See ya

Esther Sunday said...

You are right, this stuff is super cool - LOVE it all!!!!!!!!!! Yep, need one of those heads for "the cabin".

Tassie said...

Oh, I just love these ideas.... what a great look for a study..... Thanks for sharing!

Our Rural Life (aka Cornbread Fed) said...

That's amazing! Love this room!

Kari said...

I love those stuffed animal heads! Where did you find the pattern, I'd love to make one! Thanks for the post!