Heart Clips for your Huny!

 I've been making heart clips for my new stationery line!
Thought I'd share the process. 

These are so easy that a kid can do it!

 You'll need cutting pliers, round nose pliers and copper wire.  
I used 18 gauge.

Cut a length of wire about 2-3 inches depending on how big you want your clip.

Bend the middle of the wire into a V shape.

Use your round nose pliers to bend one end into a circle toward the middle.

 Continue bending inward until you reach the middle of the V.

Repeat the process on the other side.

Your Heart Clip is finished!
You don't need to make each side the same.  
Sometimes, keeping them a bit 'wonky' is cute!

Attach it to a love note or Valentine for your Huny!


Joanne Rich said...

So simple and pretty! Thanks for sharing!

Catelop25 said...

This is so cute! I'm a fan of clips! thank u so much!