Trick Out Your Tote!

 I found a vintage travel tote in great condition at the thrift store for a $1.49 and wanted to personalize it a bit.  I figured a doily would be the cutest!  

You'll need:
A vintage tote (or any tote will do)
Paper Doily
Glue stick
Paint Pen

Make sure you remove any paper cuts that didn't get popped out of the doily.  Use the glue stick to position your doily on the tote.  Use the paint pen to trace around the outside of the doily and paint the openings.  Let it dry and remove the doily.

I use mine to carry my camera and other photo stuff from time to time.
I also attached a 'key to my heart' to the the strap.
Lovin' it!

ps.  Check out my guest post over at Honey Bear Lane!



Raw.Potatoes said...

Great Idea!

xoxo Becky @

Esther Sunday said...

Super duper cute.

jacque4u2c said...

Just adorable!

She Can't Decide said...

very, very cute!

Christina said...

$1.49?! Great find and even better restyle :) Loved your lampshade restyle too!

The Old Block House said...

What a wonderful idea!

Emily said...

Soo cute! I did a similar thing.
Check it out.