QR Codes

I'm just learning about QR codes and what they will mean to all of us in the future.  
QR codes are basically barcodes which store information in them.  You use your smartphone to take a picture of a QR code and it brings you to a particular website or product.  Pretty soon, everything will have a QR code.  

The above QR code is one that I generated for my blog.  So if you use your phone to take a picture of it, the idea is that it will bring you to my blog.

Also, say you're walking down the street and you see a dress you like in the window but the store is closed.  If there's a QR code on the window, you can take a picture of it and it will automatically bring you to a website with the outfits and prices and the ability to purchase the item you like right there an then!  HOW COOL IS THAT?

QR codes for business cards are going to be awesome.  Just take a picture of someone's QR code on their business card and your phone saves their information for you saving you the time and effort of inputting the information yourself.

There are so many possibilities for this!  

You can watch this video which explains it in more detail.  


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Nepalien said...

Yeah it looks pretty promising. I think the code has a great potential for inventory management for business.