Grande' Granny

 I finished the Grande' Granny the other night.  I'm soooo pleased with how it turned out.  It's a lap blanket and I think would look awesome in my brother's VW Bus that he restored.  But, I'm afraid he won't like the pink, even though he's color blind.  :)

I'm really on the granny square kick these days.  I have to go and pick up some more embroidery thread because I'm making small grannys.  Can't wait to connect them all together and show you what I'm making.  

And why oh why are my yarn scraps in the trees?  I saw a blog post (can't remember the site) where someone was putting their yarn scraps in the trees for the birds. Birds take the scraps and use them for nest building.  I have a fantasy of seeing colorful bird nests all over the property.   Wouldn't that be the coolest?  So, from now on, all my yarn scraps are going to be thrown up into the trees for the birds with the hope of seeing their beautiful work some day soon!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!  Praying for summer to arrive soon!


Jordan said...

It looks great!! I just finished a granny stripes baby blanket and have been considering working on a granny square blanket but just haven't gotten that far yet.

Casey said...

your granny square blanket looks great!! awesome colors