A True Inspiration

Everyone has seen this guy.  You know him as Paul Mitchell right?  The shampoo guru.  I just discovered his name isn't Paul Mitchell.  It's John Paul Dejoria. 

Last night I caught a glimpse of him on a Patron Tequila ad and I thought "Why is Paul Mitchell on a Patron ad?"  Well, it turns out he owns part of Patron and is a co-founder of the House of Blues.   I continued to research his rags to riches story.

Someone who's been this successful rarely goes to the extent to helping others like he has.  He's an environmental advocate, has donated 410 acres of the last bit of prime real estate running from Malibu to the Santa Monica mountains as a wildlife refuge for all to enjoy, and he's a spokesperson for Mine Seekers--Princess Diana's organization.  The list goes on.  It was a surprise to learn that he was once homeless.  I love stories like this.

His Motto:  Nothing in life is worth doing unless you're having fun doing it.  

You can read his story here. 


mickchick831 said...

I want to brush a baby seal!

Tola said...

my daughter attends Paul Mitchell school. she loves it, and it will give her a lifelong skill.

aussie kathy said...

He's pretty impressive now but you should have seen him 30 years ago when he was just getting started! Very, very hot. And his voice is like highly polished mahogany grand piano. For obvious reasons I wish I had stayed in touch.