Free Download Books

Apparently, there's been some controversy over the link I provided for the free Japanese Craft Books.  The website and the downloads looked legit, but a few people have said they believe the site is illegal and  are providing the books as scanned pages.

I initially discovered the link from another site (which I recently contacted regarding the controversy) and thought I'd share it with you.  However, after I received emails stating the link I provided was down, I went back to the blog where I found the original link to see if I had copied it wrong and saw that this person with the free book downloads had opened up an Etsy account today and is now selling them.

I don't condone or endorse people doing anything illegal on the internet but at the same time, I'm not one to police it and determine whether or not what people are doing is legit.  I was merely providing a link that I believed was legal.

That being said, the link to the Etsy shop that I discovered (I've taken down the link because she's getting a lot of sales) was here.   In the meantime, I've removed the post because I will not promote illegal activity.



Meghan Rebecca said...

Thanks for your integrety!

Tola said...

big hugs!