I see talent!

I stumbled upon this talented young lady, Esther from the Sticks, and I'm really impressed.
She's sixteen years old and made this video by herself.
It's beautiful and has inspired me to make my own.

She also makes dresses from sheets and

fabric she's purchased for $1 a yard at Walmart.

She also photographs herself and designs her own clothes.
I'm thinkin' she's got a great future ahead of her.

I started sewing in the 4th grade.  
My first project was a pair of white bell bottom pants with turquoise ball fringe.  HA!

I tell ya, if today's technology had been around when I was 16, I'd totally be doing this!

Check out her blog here.

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Mopo said...

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Your blog is very nice, so rich of ideas!
Very compliment!
Happy evening!