Moccasin Redo

 I had a craft fail yesterday, so in order to redeem myself I decided to redo a pair of moccasins.

I've been searching for a pair to redo (after seeing these) at the thrift store, but haven't been lucky enough to find any I like.  The other day, I was in Target and they have three colors, gray, brown and black for $16.  I cut off the fringe portion and started the redo.

I used one strand of white twine and stitched, using the existing holes by following the stitching already on the mocs.  Then, I cut out some hearts from a thrifted leather jacket and skirt (I was wishing I had some yellow colored leather as I originally wanted to make stars).  I glued them together and then stitched around the hearts.  After I was done,  I glued the hearts to the top of the mocs.  

I can't wait to wear them!


Cupcake Carrie said...

great idea!!!

Gaby said...

these are the cutest ever! lOVE them!