Brussels. The End.

City Hall Square Brussels
Love the cars.
Arch of Independence Brussels

Little Boy Statue Brussels
Atomium Brussels
Atomium - World's Fair
City Hall Square Houses of Guilds Brussels
City Hall
Wine Party Weesen
I told ya they'd be fast friends!  

Mom did go to Scotland after Brussels and took the long ride back on a ship, but this concludes the tour on the blog. 
I have a couple other pics at the end of the last roll that I thought were cool.

Banff 1959
My grandpa's car.
My uncle on the left and Gram on the right in the pink dress.

Grizzley Park, Gpa, Gma, Mom & Dad
My grandpa and gram -- Mom & Dad.
Love my grandpa's hat.  My mom and dad make a cute couple.  
I'm shocked at how much my son looks like my dad!

The crafty juices are flowing and I have lots to share! 

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