Dala Darlings

She heard them whinny.  It was a faint sound at first and then their colors caught her eye.  
Ol' Red and Baby Blue stood proud amongst the rest of the misfits on the shelf.  She wasn't Swedish, but she was their best bet.  
They hoped the curly-haired Norwegian cowgirl would lasso them into her cart.

'Oh, Dala Darlings, you two beauties, I'm here to rescue you!
Giddy up!'   

This Norwegian cowgirl is thinkin' stitchin' little felt Dala Darlings are in order for Christmas this year.
Wander on over to the pattern here.


Lizzi said...

Omg so cute!

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! I've been making felt Christmas tree decorations all morning =) Love this horse x