Oh Coco My Captain

This gurl grew up in Montana and would take the train to visit her Gram twice a year.  Gram always greeted us with a smile and a huge hug and we'd be off to explore her massive house and play in our Uncle's old room.  It was filled with all sorts of fun stuff.  Old globes, cameras, National Geographic magazines and real mercury in tubes that we'd open and pour on his dresser and play with--which will prolly explain a future disease I will contract.  

Gram's house was filled with kitschy kitsch and one of my most cherished was this little doggie.  
She was my fave and I would seek her out every time I'd visit.  
I called her Coco after my Gram's little mutt.  

The thriftin' angels were lookin' out for me recently, when I found Coco's twin residin' in the glass case at my favorite little thrift store.  Memories of my Gram came floodin' back and I had to snag her for myself.  I emailed a picture to my mom and exclaimed 'Look what I found!'  She confirmed it was the same one as she has Gram's original Coco is sittin' on a little table next to a tiny tea set in her house.  
Now, it's chilly outside so I decided my little Coco needed a croshayed bonnet to keep her ears warm, for all cute little doggies need a croshayed bonnet this time of year. 
She sits with me next to my computer screen as a constant reminder of all those huge hugs and big smiles I got from my Gram as a youngin'.  


Jaclyn T said...

Adorable! Coco rocks that hat! What a lovely story!

--Jaclyn T
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Tola said...

so cute! glad you found it.

ArgusMom said...

So adorably sweet. And the hat is to die for.