The Croshay Cache

This gurl elf has turned her lil cottage into a croshay manufacturin' plant.

There are croshayed jars, hangers-on, cowls, hats, flower pins. ear warmers and hottie potholders  pilin' up 'round here.

The elf in me even created a pattern for some Wooly Wristys--that's what I call 'em.  I'm addicted.  There were many late nights where the temptation of just throwin in the elf towel and orderin' hoody footies or ginzus crossed her mind, but she would not be deterred.  

Her weekend will be spend decoratin' the mantle, puttin' up a plasticy tree, makin' coconut balls and wrappin' giftys.  By Sunday, this gurl elf will be hangin' up her elf hat, sittin' back with a coconut ball or two and sippin' on a cuppa apple cider.  Most likely tho, she will fall into bed under a big blanky and take a long snooze dreamin' of makin' more Wooly Wristys.

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