Workin on it...

As usual, this gurl has a case of CAD 'craft attention disorder.'  
It's an affliction I commonly suffer from, 'specially when I'm in the middle of cleaning my oven -- a task that apparently demands accomplishin' more than once a year.

I can't just sit and stitch over and over again.  
Nope, gotta throw some croshayin' into the mixology!  

This is my third Alabama Chanin project.  
It's slow design with hand stitches and small needles that poke and tear at my fingers.  
Every time I attempt these beautiful garments, I keep tellin' myself 
Obviously, those conversations with myself fall on deaf ears.  

I'm figurin' I'll have a ton o'hours into this beauty, but I'll wear it everywhere which makes me appreciate my efforts so much more--stabbed digits n' all.        

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