My American Bandstand Memories-RIP Dick Clark

This gurl grew up watching American Bandstand every Saturday morning in the 1960's-70's.  I ate my cereal by the tv dreamin' 'bout bein' in California on the beach and dancin' on American Bandstand with all the beautiful people.  I'm serious.  I did.

It's one of my fondest memories.  

Every News Years Eve, I'd sit by the radio and listen to Dick Clark count down the top 100 songs of that year.  I'd lay out my loose leaf notebook paper, number the lines and write each song down-- startin' at 100.   My anticipation would grow the closer it got and I'd try to guess which ones would be in the top 10.   At midnight, they'd play the number one song. When Dick finally announced the 'winner',  I'd write IT down and cheer as if I'd just won the lotto.  Seriously.  I did.

I remember when Madonna made her debut on American Bandstand.  Boy, did things change then.  I started wearin' stirrup pants, ankle boots, and my hair got bigger.  I knew the lyrics to all of her songs.  Still do.

Anyway, Dick Clark passed away today.  I'm bummed.  Really bummed.  I grew up with this guy and he never seemed to age a day.  He was a likable soul.  Cool and professional.  Great guy style.  Funny.  Nice to look at.  I liked him.  I liked him a lot.

Rest in Peace.