Oh My! Maize Monday

 This gurl thrifted the most inspiring book recently which caused her to gasp 'OH MY!'.  

It's called Adventures in Stitches by Mariska Karasz and was originally published in 1949.  
The version I picked up was printed in 1959.  

I think I've discovered a stitchin' soul sister.

The introduction to the book hooked me immediately.

'Given the proper tools, each has inherent creative energies and, like the writer's pen, a needle is a woman's traditional instrument of self-expression.  Embroidery is to sewing what poetry is to prose; here the stitches can be made to sing out as words sing in a poem.'

'Any women who can sew a fine seam should, within a short time, develop into a painter in thread.  These lessons have no relation to the ready-stamped table runner, or to the chair back designed and patterned by a stranger.  Nor will this book teach you to imitate the work of another age, for this is acceptable only as a means of learning to master a technique and, no matter how beautifully you stitch, your efforts will have no creative meaning.  Meaning is born when the designer and the workman are one.  When they are one, you will have ceased to copy.  You will have begun to create; each line and stitch will be your own.'

I've never heard of Mariska and thumbing through her book made me think she was far ahead of her time.  If you ever stumble upon one of her publications, grab it!  
It's worth adding to your collection.