Plum Patrol

This gurl returned from a short vacation to discover a gaz-billion plums had ripened on her tree.  One can only salsa-fy, syrup, bake and preserve a portion of a gaz-billion plums for her own use, so I was faced with the fact that I had to pawn some off to unsuspecting nearby neighbors and friends.  

I plucked what was close to 70 pounds of plums, rinsed them and dug out some paper bags.  
Each bag was lettered with a Sharpie and filled to its folded rim with fresh plums.  

I pulled my new hat over my wild curly hair, rolled up my capri jeans, tied a bow on each of my polka dot sneakers and loaded the plum poundage on the back of my scooter--giddy with excitement to deliver my bounty to unsuspecting nearby neighbors.

Now there is always a persnickety neighbor in the bunch, but I was determined to win her over with my prunella ways.  Even though she wasn't happy seeing me park my scooter in her driveway and greeted me with a snarly look, I cheerfully announced I was presentin' her with a bag of fresh plums to enjoy on this summery day.

I hopped on my scooter, waved g'bye then drove down the country lane to the next unsuspecting neighbor--who just so happened to be a fireman.  
I did not know I had such a rugged soul living so close, so I made a mental note that it would be HE who I would run to if I was ever in a distressed state--should my kitchen fire alarm was ever to alarm me.

I am off now to search the Googly for more ways to use up my plums.

She is thinkin' she better borrow her daughter's dehydrator to make prunes 'cause she'll need them  on account of her advancin' age.