Tiny Tassel Bracelet DIY

This gurl is lovin' stacking various bracelets on her wrist.  I decided I needed a tassel bracelet and used what I had on hand.  Hence, the ribbon connectors don't match but hey!  I didn't have to buy any supplies and it works for me!

You'll need:
Embroidery Thread
Flat Nose Pliers
Ribbon Connectors
Jump Rings
Lobster Clasp
Piece of small cardboard

Let's make tiny tassels!

Cut a piece of cardboard to wrap your tassel. 
Cut a length of thread and lay it on the cardboard.

Wrap embroidery thread around the cardboard and cut piece.
I wrapped mine 13 times.

Using the cut thread that you laid out first,  bring it to the top and tie a knot.

 Cut the tassel at the bottom and remove the cardboard.
Insert the top of the tassel in the ribbon connector and use your pliers to flatten it down so secure.

 Cut another length of thread and wrap it just under the connector.  Tie a secure knot.

 Insert a jump ring at the top of the ribbon connector and attach it to a link on the chain.

Repeat for the other tassels.

Add your lobster clasp and jump ring to each end.

Fun & And Cute!

You can also make tassels for a necklace!