The Key Ring App

This gurl just discovered the bestest app ever!  It's called Key Ring. 

I know you have a wallet full of those reward or membership cards.  
About a year ago, I punched holes in all of mine and put them on a key ring.  Problem was, I was always forgetting the ring full of cards.  No more.  Nope.

This free app allows you to scan all of your cards into your phone, even your YMCA gym membership card!   It also has a cloud backup so all of your numbers are stored for you without worrying about losing them.  

You can also sign up for other retailer reward cards via the app and receive coupons too.  Bonus!

Get out all your cards and scan the bar code with your phone.  
Next time you need your card, just open the app, scroll down to the card you need and the bar code will pop up ready for the retailer to scan!