My Granny Tree

This gurl's recent thrift store score was a white Christmas tree.  
It's all the rage this year and I was lucky enough to find one just by accident.

I decided it'd be my Granny Tree.

I made a yarn garland simply by makin' a chain with my croshay hook until it was long enough to wrap 'round the tree.

I added various sizes of granny squares I had layin' around the cottage and, I admit, I made a few more for proper measure.

I also added some paper doilies and thought they'd look cute hangin' on the tree.

I dipped some glass ornaments in paint tryin' to get the ombre' look.  
Not sure I accomplished that task but I like how they look on the tree.

I dug out a thrifted tablecloth and used it as the tree skirt.  

I didn't have a proper topper, so I searched the internets for a star pattern.  
I liked this one and croshayed it up in no time and tied it to the tippy top. 

I'm giddy 'bout my Granny Tree!