Cute Things

Sometimes this gurl finds some really cute things at the $Tree that provide cheap inspiration.  

Yesterday, I shared my little DIY for a wire wastebasket I found there.  

The heart doilies are going to be incorporated into another fun DIY I'll share next week.

I couldn't pass up those cute owl and lip lollies.  

Sweet little wood beads will be made into a necklace.  The sequin flower will embellish something.  Not quite sure what yet.  Little paper sticker flowers (actually from the buck aisle at Michaels) will also be part of a crafty project.

And, aren't these cute?  A hat and scarf in the colors I love together right now.  
I'm certain the scarf will be embellished with somethin' croshayed.

Even though I won't be using these in a crafty project (well maybe the floral ones), the tube socks got me.  
Pink tube socks?  Jump into my basket honey.