Meet Petunia

This gurl decided to spend some of her Christmas Loot on a new ukulele. 

My petite pretty arrived the other day and I couldn't be more giddy.

I researched for the best 'starter' uke and this one got great reviews, especially for the price.  

She will be added to my little music corner which includes my Yamaha and Taylor acoustic guitars, tambourine and shaker egg.

I can't wait to start learning some songs to play on her.  

(Vintage chair from my childhood.  I painted it green and added vintage wallpaper accents)

I'm changing out her strings to these and hopefully within the next few months I'll be able to play you a little tune.  

I'm thinkin' I should teach Violet how to do a few tricks while I play.  

We could be the next local 'circus' act.

Maize, Petunia and Bubbles the Wonder Dog!

The MPB.