Painted Heart Doily T-Shirt DIY

As promised, here's a quick and fun little Valentiny DIY.

While I was sitting in the doc's office, I was perusing a child's magazine and spotted a little kiddo wearing a t-shirt with a heart doily painted on it.

"Well, heart doily shirts ain't just fer kids" I exclaimed!

I purchased my heart doilies at Michaels, but the $Tree also has them.
The t-shirt is from Tarshay.

You'll also need some fabric paint and a sponge brush.

I positioned the doily where I wanted it and used double stick tape in the center to keep it from movin' around.

Spray and little paint on the sponge brush and go to work!

Let dry and then use an iron on the reverse side of the tee to set the paint.

Wear & Enjoy!