The Monday Maize Likely List

I'm so glad I found this!
Great information on taking pictures and getting great results with your phone.

Did ya know you can iron fabric onto the wall and it peels off easier than vinyl decals?
I didn't.  
Thinkin' I may give this a go.  
This gurl wonders if she could cover an entire wall with a vintage sheet.

These cross stitch wooden Babushka pendants look like a fun project.
Sadly, they're sold out.

Thinkin' I need to make a pair of these just because they're hilarious!
Free pattern here.

How cute are these?
I've got some leftover $store votive lights and want to try this!

My first grandchild will be born in April and I bet he'd look adorbs in one of these even though it'll be springtime.
You can find the free pattern here.

I have a feelin' I'll be croshayin' all sorts of baby boy stuff in the months to come.

This is so dang cute.
I'll need to make somethin' similar for the squirrels in my yard because nothin' would be funnier than seeing a squirrel hop over a little wooden bridge and open a door to his house. least in my imagination it happens.

This would be awesome to do on a pathway.
Paint rocks with glow in the dark paint!
I die.

This week I'll be sharin' a super simple Valentiny DIY.
Stay tuned!