A Book of Glee & Photography

This soon to be granny was giddy when she opened her door and discovered a wonderful parcel awaiting her on the cottage stoop.

I felt it only appropriate that I dig out my gram's spectacles (they are rose colored after all), brew a pot of tea and sit down to peruse it's crafty pages.

In other news...

I've signed up for the new online Phonography class

with Professor PJ.

The cost of the class is $5 and I was told I would receive a $5 gift card when I finish the course.  

Now, the thought of gittin' a little gift card is burnin' a hole in my pinny pocket and I've already done some window shoppin'.

I'm eyein' 

this little turquoise pouch with 3 lenses for my phone.   

A wide angle, fisheye and telephoto.

Oh how cutie-rific are these?  EEP!

Now, Photojojo tells me I can pass on a $5 credit to you if you click this link.

Hopefully, I'll see ya in class on March 1st!

I'll be the one wearin' my floral pjs, bunny slippers and gram's spectacles.