Sunday Love Note

{Every Sunday this gurl writes a love note}

Dear Tulips,

You are, by far, one of my favorite flowers.  Actually, any flower in a bulb...crocus, daffys, hyacinth and paperwhites, seem to capture my attention.

You're easy to grow, can be forced indoors and blossom into the most beautiful silhouette.

The color of your petals are vibrant and yet, even though you lack fragrance, I don't seem to mind.  I do imagine if you did, each color of tulip would blend together to make the most wonderful of wonderful delightful aromas in the history of ever.

I will continue to carry a hopeful wish in my heart, a little old man wearing wooden shoes hunched over his work bench in the hills of Holland... will invent a special fragrant pedigree... one which will surely take the world by storm and grace magazine pages as the next celebrity.

Until then, oh dear tulips, I will continue to admire you and arrange your blossoms in special vases all over my cottage.

You will always be the first flower I chose.  Forever.