Sunday Love Note

{Every Sunday, this gurl writes a love note}

Dearest Violet Blossom (aka Vi, V & Bubbles the Wonder Dog),
I waited ten years to get you and you were BY FAR one of the cutest puppies I'd ever seen.  

Be still my heart.  

It was worth the wait.

You've always been an inspector.  When you were a pup, you'd jump into the fridge just to make sure I'd cleaned it well and then I'd end up having to clean it again!

Like most dogs, you love to go for a ride and hang your head out the window.  You love drive-thrus and expect everyone who's at the window, whether we're at the bank or getting coffee, to give you a treat.  You don't really like the bank's treats though because I  always find them un-eaten in the back seat.

You're constantly up for an adventure, whether it's flying in a plane, riding on the back of my scooter or rafting a river in your own boat.

V, you always approach everyone with a smile, a sniff and abundant curiosity.  
Sometimes it can be annoying, especially if you find someone rather interesting and can't seem to pry your nose away from their pant leg.

When you had your litter of puppies, the breeder told me you were such a good mother you would've nursed a cougar.  You even nursed another mama's pup because she couldn't.  And wow!  You have some good lookin' genes and make really cute pups!

Vi, you're so smart and know so many tricks.  You learn quickly and it doesn't require much effort, except for a treat or carrot of course, to get you to do anything I ask.  You certainly are a movie star and wear your royal title of "Bubbles the Wonder Dog" with pride.

You seriously love your dollies and never rip out their innards.  Well, except when you're playing your favorite game of tug.  All bets are off then because there isn't a rodent that would survive your wrath.

What I love most about you, dear sweet V, is your sense of humor.  You're game for anything I ask of you. 

You are my constant companion, my co-pilot, my cheerleader.  

Thanks for making me smile every day.