A Revamped Watering Can & My New Garden Kicks

This gurl's been on a Wally World DIY binge.

Firstly, I found a watering can in the perfect shade of yellow.  Not too bright-just right yellow.

I decided it needed a makeover, so out came the water slide floral decals!
Love, love love the shades of pink ranunculus.

I found a pair of $5 white kicks and thought I'd try the painting shoe thang.
I've never painted shoes before.
Does one really want to paint shoes?
Why yes--do try.

It was quite a delightful project.
They're fun and I'll enjoy wearin' 'em while I'm out gardenin'. 

There's one other DIY project comin' up.  
One of those 'aha' moment DIYs.  
 One that took me totally by surprise.
Those are the best kind.