Sunday Love Note

 {Every Sunday, this gurl writes a love note}

 {3 hours old}
Dearest Landon:

Grammy is so happy you've joined us!

Your mama did such a great job during labor.  But, due to complications of the cord being wrapped around your neck a coupla times, Mr. Doctor decided to help you arrive via c-section.  Grammy thinks that was a very good decision indeed.

You've got quite the set of lungs on you and you are, by far, one of the cutest little babies Grammy has ever seen, besides your mama and uncle of course.

And your appetite!  Wowza!  You had no problem figuring out how to eat.  And EAT you do.  You're going to be a very big boy.  You've got the longest fingers I've ever seen on a baby and they make me chuckle.
{3 hours old}

A friend of mine said you look like Winston Churchill in this picture.  I suppose you do because of the way your hat is slipped off to one side and your chubby cheeks.  OH THOSE CHUBBY CHEEKS!  Not to mention, that little button nose you inherited from your mama.  Grammy kisses that button nose quite often.

And, there is nothin' better in my book than your soft skin and baby smell.  God must do that on purpose.  It's intoxicating.

Grammy is quite giddy you're finally here.  I can certainly wait until you walk and talk.  I'm gonna enjoy every little thing about you until then.

I'll love you forever.