The Monday Maize Likey List - Terra Cotta Pot Edition

A candy machine.

A sink.

I love this idea. 

Bathroom organizers.

I'm really interested in a smoker.  

I wonder if the pot would get too hot and crack.

Paint your house numbers on a gigantic one!

A light.  So minimalistic and lovely.

I've read that you can make cakes in terra cotta pots as long as the pots are clean and not painted.
Haven't tried it though.

A cute version of the pot people.

Of course, ya hafta have a pot dog!

One of my terra cotta pot DIYS from 2004.  
Almost 10 years ago.

Better git out to the shed and rummage around for some pots.

Have a wonderful Monday!
ps.  Grandson hasn't arrived yet.