Make an Heirloom Corsage for Mom

Last Friday, this gurl was inspired to make a corsage from scraps of fabric, t-shirts and ribbon.

Dive into your fabric scrap pile and start cuttin' petals, leaves, and strips and assemble them to make flowers.

Here are a two of my tutorials for making fabric flowers:

Tip:  I always cut a circle of fabric and glue it to the back to hide the stitches and the back of the pin.  
Before I glue it, I snip two small holes for the pinback to fit through.  
Stitch the pin to the back of the corsage first, put the circle of fabric over to hide it and then glue down the fabric and close the pin.

The corsage is attached to the paper doily and packaged in it's own little box. 
I purchased the balsa wood box at Michael's for a buck, then stained it with liquid shoe polish, sprayed it with clear paint and glued on a paper flower.

I think it's a great heirloom corsage for Mom to wear every year on Mother's Day and she can store it in its own special box!