Violet Visits the Royal Koi Pond

'Howdy Fish Lips!  Who are you?'  

''Ello.  I'm Will, the Koi Fish of this established Royal pond.'

'Oye!  There's two of ya.  What's yer name polka dotted cutie pie?'

'Well, 'ello lit-tle white doog.  My name is Kate.'

'Will & Kate!  Nice to meetcha!
I'm Violet!  I hail from the Highlands of Scotland!'   

'Vi--ooo-let, would you like to take a lit-tle swim with us in the Royal pond?'

'By golly, indeedy I think I will!'

And then, Bubbles the Wonder Dog dived in and swam with Will and Kate, the Royal Koi fish of that there pond.  

ps.  It was a short paddle as Westies are not known for liking water, much less swimming in it.  
Mud on the other hand...

pss.  Will & Kate were not hurt in the filming of Violet's dip in the pond and there are no pictures of her swim as I was busy rescuing her.

psss.  Violet did not eat Will & Kate.  She gobbled up the fish food instead.