My Flower Market

Two days before my daughter's weddin', this gurl was in Wally World pickin' up supplies for the Smores bar, when I discovered a huge wire bin filled to the brim with fake flowers.

10 cents a stem!

Before I knew it, I had my cart heapin' with flowers and yes, I was gettin' lots o' looks from people. 

Now, I believe havin' fake flowers at a weddin' has gotten a bad rap.  
 They're colorful and pretty.  
What's not to like?   

I thought it'd be cute to have a bunch of bouquets stuck around the property for a pop of color.  
We also lined the trail with flowers all the way up to the ceremonial stage.

Luckily, I had a nice checkout girl.  
To try and make it easy for her, I gathered up bunches of the same flower, thinkin' she could just do that quantity scan thing, but apparently the register wasn't cooperatin'.  
Poor girl had to scan each and every flower.

198 stems and 45 minutes later, I left with my flower cart.  
I thanked the sweet girl for her patience and told her she'd have a good story to tell about the crazy curly haired lady who bought a cart full of fake flowers.

 Her revenge would come with me havin' to peel off each and every price sticker from the multitude of stems.

The job of collectin' all the flowers after the weddin' ended up with me, so I got out my trusty wheelbarrow and soon it was filled with this floral bounty. 

Now I have my own little flower market and the task with figurin' out what to do with all of them.

I can see lots and lots of floral DIYs comin' on!

Maybe I'll just make a bed out of all those flowers, lie in it and call it good.