The Monday Maize Likey List: Fall Sweater Edition

Anything with a rose and mustard color is on this gurl's list.


Elbow patches.
Who says yer too old to wear a bunny sweater?
Seriously.  It's mint green!  

Or a fox with glasses?

Love, love this cardigan with pockets but the price tag is a bit steep.

A hooded long cardigan with pockets!  Yes, anything with pockets!

Heart buttons & heart pockets.  Sweet.

Love the color and the lace detail.
I spy diy.

Me likey lace collars too!

Pretty sure I wouldn't wear this, but I love the crocheted flowers.

I bought the yarn to knit this sweater.
Wish me luck.  
I'm not the greatest knitter so I'll probably finish it sometime this summer!