Tin Can Planters

It certainly isn't plantin' season, but that doesn't stop this gurl from makin' lil' planters from tin cans.

When I was a wee gurl, I used to love lookin' at all the ads in the back of my mom's magazines.
On more than one occasion, I ordered canceled stamps to add to my collection.  
I would carefully tape a dime to the form and wait patiently for my 100 stamps to arrive.
When they did finally arrive, I'd flip through the pages of my stamp book looking for an exact match to paste into it.
Oh the endless hours of searching.
More often than not I'd never find a match.

Anyway, I love old ads and I recently thrifted a Workbasket magazine from the year of my birth.  

I saved a few itty bitty tomato sauce cans and 'podged them with garden themed vintage ads.

Fake flowers will reside in 'em 'til it's time to plant a few real ones.